Speech Sounds Screener

Do you have children in your Early Years setting with unclear speech?

Would you like to help them but don't know where to start?

The  Speech Sound screener is perfect for staff in Early Years settings to use as an identification and tracking tool for the speech sound development of the children in their settings.

You will then know which sounds to work on first and be able to begin delivering interventions.


You can also use the screener results to support onward referral to SALT services in your area.

Available as a digital download, you can use it as many times as you need in your setting, simply print off the record sheet and colouring pages per child.

The screener includes:

  • prompt pictures with target sounds for different ages (2, 3, 3.5-4, 5, 6 years)
  • a sheet to record responses
  • Pages to print (per child) to log by colouring in the sounds that they can produce correctly after using the screener.

You can use this screener to:

  • Reassess at 3-6 month intervals
  • Illustrate to parents areas of concern i.e. if a child is 4 years but the sections in the 2.5-3 year section have not all been coloured in this can help to indicate need.
  • Refer to Speech and Language Therapist, sending the response sheet which will help them to accept referral.

This screener can be used in conjunction with the Speech Sounds Steps to Success course and speech sound resources to support children in your setting with speech sound difficulties.

Watch this video for a look inside the screener:

Sp sounds screener cover