Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions
In using this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and

The Company
The Speech and Language Garden is a trading business under Customised Business Programmes Ltd,
a limited liability company registered in England and Wales. Registration number 7102671.
Registered office I SVT Building, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, UK.
The Company reserves the right to change policies, prices and fees. The Company also reserves the
right to change the focus and mission statements of the Company, close it down or sell it.
All other UK consumer and trade laws apply. The Consumer is responsible for local taxes outside of
the UK.

Consumer Status and Rights
By placing an order with us, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding
contracts and you are at least 18 years old.
The Consumer assumes sole responsibility for the selection, suitability and use of any Products or

Services provided
The Speech and Language Garden provides online training courses, digital downloads and written content for the consumer.
The content is created by a qualified Speech and Language Therapists, unless otherwise stated.
The information within the documents contains information and advice only. Purchasers/clients act
on their own will, the advice given may not work for every child in every case and is provided for
advice and information purposes only.
Children should always be referred to a speech and language therapist for assessment and
recommended intervention if there are concerns with speech, language or communication.
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights
All documents and information provided by the Company is protected under UK Copyright laws.
Unless otherwise noted, the Company is the legal intellectual property rights and copyright holder of
all material on the site. Any copying, re-distribution, lending, renting, adaptation, public display or
other reproduction of the document is strictly prohibited unless written consent has been given by a
Company director.
The consumer shall notify the Company immediately in writing of any claim that comes to the
Consumer’s attention for infringement of any Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights relating to
the products.
If you purchase a course, resource or workshop for which you are provided access to materials, you are given a
non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use those materials strictly for the purpose of the course
or workshop and for your own educational, non-commercial purposes.

Pricing and Payments
The prices of products will be as quoted on the website. Prices are exclusive of VAT in the UK until 1st February 2024 when VAT will apply thereafter.
Consumers are responsible for the duty and taxes of purchases made from outside of the UK.
Prices are liable to change from time to time and the Company reserves the right to make these
changes without notice.

Payments, Cancellations and Refunds
Payments are processed via the platform 'Simplero' please refer to their policy on privacy
and data storage. All products must be paid in full before files or products are delivered.
No cancellation by the consumer is permitted after the acceptance of the consumer’s order by the
Company, except where agreed by a Director of the Company.
For any physical products, if you are unhappy with your purchase or there is a problem with your
purchase, contact us via email within 7 days of your purchase in order to be eligible for a refund,
repair or exchange. Full refunds cannot be given for digital products and training as they are immediately accessible and can be
If you have an issue with the product, please email Beth@thespeechandlanguagegarden.com and we
will respond within 15 working days.

Privacy Statement
Information held is stored within accordance of the Data Protection Act (UK, 2015)
The Company will not sell any personal contact information to another company. Your email address
will not be put on any spam lists or sold to a third party.
The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers or comments by others
on the site or social media pages.
The Company is not responsible for the actions of advertisers, sponsors or guest contributors- if
readers and consumers purchase a product or service based upon a link they should take action with
that company.

Data Protection
Information stored about subscribers includes names and email addresses. By subscribing to the
email list, subscribers consent to being sent emails by the Company/ the Speech and Language
Garden via the email service provider.
Functional data such as system data and location may also be collected and used for service analysis.
Information will not be provided to a third party without informing the subscriber.
In the event of a merger, sale or acquisition, personal information will be shared. The subscriber will
be notified via email and/or prominent notice on our website and/or social media accounts.
In the event of a data breach, you will be contacted to inform you of the breach and the information
which may have been accessed.
You have the right to erasure, or ‘to be forgotten’. This will result in the erasing of all information
held by the Company. This request must be made in writing and will be responded to within one
calendar month.
Subscribers have the right to unsubscribe at any time.

We may be required to contact you at times in order to share information or communications.
This communication will be via email or by providing notices on the website or social media pages of
The Speech and Language Garden.
For contractual purposes, you agree to be contacted by electronic means and you acknowledge that
all contracts, notices, information and other communications that we provide to you electronically
comply with any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Contract Changes
The Company reserves the right to revise, amend and alter these terms and conditions.
Consumers will be subject to the policies and terms of supply in force at the time that products are