Speech Sound Games to Play Without Using Pictures

A 12 page e-book full of activities, ideas and fun ways to help children with speech sound difficulties, without needing to use speech sound pictures.

These activities can be done in daily or weekly programmes or stand-alone activities, with individual children or in small groups.

For use at home, as well as in preschools and EYFS by Key workers, Teaching Assistants, Teachers and SENCos.

This eBook includes:

  • Suggestions on how to play the games during intervention sessions in school.
  • How to include parents by printing off individual pages of activities for homework.
  • Classic games include I-spy, feely bags, treasure hunts, etc.
  • How to differentiate the games for different speech sounds, age groups and interests.
  • An intervention record sheet to keep a record of the sessions you’ve completed.

I recorded you a little video to show you what's inside this eBook:

More ideas on ways to use your eBook can be found in this blog article here: https://www.thespeechandlanguagegarden.com/post/10-ways-to-use-an-e-book-from-the-speech-and-language-garden 

Speech Sound Games to Play