Resources Package

A package of speech & language resources for you to download and access straight away, including:

  • SLCN Checklist
    • A popular screening tool to identify areas of need and specific targets for children of all ages. The SLCN Checklist can be used as a screening tool for entire cohorts and a monitoring tool for individual pupils.
  • Speech Sounds Screener
    • A valuable resource for staff in Early Years settings to use as an identification and tracking tool for the speech sound development of individual children with unclear speech.

      This resource will identify know which sounds to work on first so that staff can be able to begin delivering interventions without having to wait months for assessment.

  • eBooks
    • All of the  following eBooks are packed with information and intervention activities to help children with specific speech & Language difficulties. They are ideal for Teachers and Practitioners who are concerned about the language and communication skills of pupils, perfect for use in delivering effective and impactful interventions and a great resource to add to staff training.

      Adaptable activities for EYFS through to KS4!* For use with individual children or small groups as 

      • A weekly programme​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ for 1:1 or small group interventions
      • Single activities to fill some time
      • Ice breakers in class
      • Golden time/reward activities
      • Play them in the car with your own kids and other adults
      • Whole-class session split into smaller groups

    1. Memory & Processing Interventions
    2. Vocabulary Interventions
    3. Activities for Language Development preschool-aged children
    4. Speech Sound Games to play with pictures
    5. Speech Sound Games to play without using pictures

*Activities for Language Development eBook suitable for children aged 2-6 or with low-level language skills.

  • Speech, Language & Communication Needs eBook
    • A useful tool to upskill education staff to build their knowledge and skills in working with children who have Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

      This E-book contains information on SLCN, including:

      • what it means
      • red flags and profiles
      • statistics and patterns
      • implications for learning
      • areas of need
      • strategies for daily use by staff in school and preschool settings.

Resources package 2